How do you take the miles into account – walking, running, riding a bike, swimming…?

To track your miles you will need a device such as a polar bracelet, a GPS, a fitness bracelet, or also a Smartphone with a compatible App with iWOPI’s platform.

I am a regular runner; how does iWOPI help me?

With iWOPI you will give a new sense to the reasons you practice sport or make physical activity, and you will add value to the miles you run, because every mile you donate will contribute to a social cause and help accomplish the target project.

We want to set the world in motion and help to change it with the help of your effort. Once you try it you won’t be able to stop…

How can I help to spread the project?

Through any social network you normally use, sharing your activities with your friends and followers, as well as your challenges and accomplishments. You will be able to create your own friends group and together you will have the option of joining some challenges or follow other interesting people. These are the kind of things that help spreading iWOPI’s movement.

Use the hashtags created for each cause, share our posts, retweet us, like us on Facebook, and share the posts within your friends group, colleagues, or followers…

We have set some functions up that allow you to spread the causes on Facebook, Twitter, or share your contribution every time you donate miles.

Broadcasting is very important to us, so we really thank you for showing interest!

Can I upload the miles that I have on my App history?

The App designers restrict the age of the miles that can be transferred on a third part App through their APIs up to 15 days. When uploading your miles to iWOPI from your App, only the miles from the last 15 days will be taken into account and you won’t be able to get the old miles back.

This is a limitation that the App developers set, iWOPI cannot interfere or modify.

Dou you have an iWOPI’s App?

We have recently incorporated the iWOPI’s App, available on the two most popular cell phone platforms.

The App does not pretend to replace the miles or activity tracking, but to focus on the own functions of our platform. Therefore you will still need an App that registers your activities. We are still working on linking iWOPI to the most popular activity tracker Apps.

From iWOPI’s App you will be able to update your miles and donate them to a cause of your choice.

You can download and install iWOPI’s App on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad):

Can I register my own causes?

Yes! On November 2015 we added a new option, now any person or organization can register their own cause to spread a project with the purpose of getting funding.

To register a cause you will have to sign up at iWOPI and click on the option “Register a cause”

You will need to fill up a very simple form to register your own cause in 5 steps, following our instructions and suggestions.

Once your cause is registered, the iWOPI’s publisher team will supervise the contents and will contact you to inform you about its publication.

You can’t find an answer to your question? Please contact us