In 2012 a new idea started buzzing around in our minds: that our physical activity could have a real and positive impact beyond ourselves.

We believed on the chance of sharing our effort to inspire other people and turn it into a new value to change our surroundings. This is the true essence of iWOPI, the energy that keeps us moving forward.

We live in an exceptional moment where technology allows us to be more connected than ever, giving us big chances of making a difference.

Our specific purpose is to turn people’s effort into supportive donations thanks to the companies that cooperate with us.

iWOPI allows you to donate the miles that you accumulate while practicing your favorite activity, like when you run, walk, ride a bike or swim on the pool.

Your effort takes a new sense, and everybody’s effort can create the necessary noise for the responsible companies to respond and turn it into a material donations.

Thousands of iWOPIERS, just like you and I, from many countries, are already donating their movement on iWOPI to make these social changes happen, whether it is to finance thousands of undernourished children’s breakfast, to send glasses to Africa to prevent reversible blindness or even to make society aware of the need of research and treatment on rare diseases.

Any person, group or organization can create a cause and spread it by mobilizing their communities. Today, one single person is able to mobilize hundreds or thousands of people all over the world, and we have the tools to make this happen.

We want to inspire people to set the world in motion and be able to make the changes that the world so badly needs.

iWOPIWorld OPeople Inspiring


  • Iván Lorca
    Iván LorcaCEO and Cofounder

    Ivan is both the CEO and cofounder of iWOPI and his job is to empower the company’s view, strategy and growth in order allow people to show their support to social causes by donating their miles while practicing their favorite activities.

    He started running three years ago and now has the goal of motivating people to move and use their effort to transform the world. He’s a modest empathic guy with the purpose of turning iWOPI into a global impact project. With his team on his side, He has achieved, on his first year, a significant international impact on more than 50 countries on the 5 continents and the donation of millions of miles.

    He is Bachelor degree in Business and Management, High Performing Programs and Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from University of Barcelona.

    If you come across him he’ll want you to join him running…

  • Ruben Celada
    Ruben CeladaCTO and Cofounder

    IT engineer with more than 10 years experience and currently developing technological apps on the sports field.

    Rubén is in charge of the technical management and development of the platform since its conception. He is also the founder of Playoff Informática (iWOPI’s tech partner) a leading company of software development for sports management in Spain.

    Besides the personal technological challenge, the simplicity of the idea and its concept is what inspires him the most from iWOPI. iWOPI has his two biggest passions: sports and technology.

  • Emma Roca
    Emma RocaSports Manager and Cofounder

    Mother of three children, Bachelor in biochemistry from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, professional firefighter and elite athlete (ultra running, biathlons-triathlons-Ironmans, adventure trials, mountain ski, mountain bike…) Her passions are her family, sports and anything in between, She’s about to finish her PhD thesis on the research of the sport effects over general health, SUMMIT (Salud en las UltraMaratones y sus límites, in English Health in Ultra Marathons and its limits).

    When iWOPI knocked her door, she didn’t think twice and jumped into this initiative of encouraging people to move, to practice sport and therefore to be healthier.

    So far none of the team members have dared to run with her.

    Her target? Getting to change people’s habits into healthier ones is more than a good reason to be on iWOPI.

  • Josep Vilalta
    Josep VilaltaCOO and Cofounder

    Bachelor of fine arts at the University of Barcelona and Master’s degree on Digital Communication Projects from Ramon Llull University, Barcelona. Since 1996 he’s been working on every phase of Internet projects for different clients, but always close to the fields of Communication, Marketing and Business.

    The 6 years previous iWOPI he’s been working as a consultant in Change Management and Productivity Improvement in the Microsoft Innovation Center-Productivity consulting thousands of users from all levels and fields on top companies and multinationals.

    He tries to mix up the best quality ingredients on the right amount to get new flavors, and iWOPI has what motivates him the most: people, companies, social causes and an Internet environment.

  • Tony Lozano
    Tony LozanoBusiness Development America

    Father, husband, industrial engineer, Master’s degree on start-up and innovation, entrepreneur, musician, soccer player, runner and keen sportsman.

    He comes from a family of runners, and started competing at a very young age. For many years he has combined running and soccer. Starting as just an idea and later on as a start-up enterprise, iWOPI has become a project in which he had to be involved, because of what it represents, but also because of the huge growth potential it has.

    He truly thinks that iWOPI is the perfect chance to do the right thing, for yourself, through exercising, and for other people, by donating your miles.

    NAFTA and Latin America countries are two of the expansion areas of running, fitness, health monitoring and social awareness, so after launching iWOPI in Europe, they are the natural places to take the next step on the project, and Tony will lead the effort in America to help making iWOPI an international project.

  • Núria Guirado
    Núria GuiradoContent and Social Media Strategist